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Original cover art  for the books was painted by the author. (Oil/Canvas)


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Book 4 Final in the Series
Choices Made: Always

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Christine McMahon McMahon
Book 3
Painting title:  Jamy  
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Book 4 (final in the series)
Painting title: The Heart of MacGregor
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Book 1
Painting title: Tools of the Trade
 choices made the street years    
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Book 2
Painting title: A father's rejection,
a son's plea for love
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From MidWest Book Review:

Choices Made: The Street Years is the debut  novel of Christine McMahon and clearly establishes her as a gifted storyteller able to take her reader into a gritty world of drug addiction, poverty, and life on the street. It follows a young man who, after his mother's death, searches for his biological father and falls prey to a brutal sexual attack. Pimped and drugged, he eventually breaks out of one type of slavery into the thuggish role of gang leader and protector, the "Street Lord" of the 42nd neighborhood. As a new teen father, he begins to regret his choices and wants off the streets for the sake of his own son, and agrees to work as a "mole" for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs in exchange for immunity from prosecution - yet when the undercover agent who gained his trust is in mortal peril, he returns to the streets in hope of engineering a rescue, triggering a chain of events that will cause him to meet his biological father at long last. Grippingly told, Choices Made: The Street Years is forcefully honest in its portrayal of the harsh forces that shape human life for good or ill.

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