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Choices Made: Fathers and Sons

     In a world turned upside down on the streets, Jamy MacGregor, a.k.a. Lord Chance, seeks stability when he enters a Witness Protection Program that relocates him to the hometown of his once sought after biological father.

     Placed in the home of the local sheriff, his father’s brother, Jamy struggles with the urge to reveal his true identity when he sees the life his father’s family lives while he craves acknowledgement and normalcy in his own life.

     Breaking the shackles of secrecy, Jamy confronts his father who adamantly rejects him and wants him out of town. Blowing his cover in Witness Protection, his father sends the killers straight to his brother’s front door, and Jamy.

     Retrieving Jamy from danger, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) Witness Protection Program returns him to St. Louis where he is forced to re-evaluate his future and face his step-father, the BNDD agent he has rejected. 

     His past as a Street Lord fully revealed while testifying against the Drug Lords drives a wedge between them which his reunion with his own toddler son complicates. 

     His life a shambles, Jamy takes his child and runs, finding shelter with another MacGregor relative long exiled from the family. 

     Learning the truth of his birth and given time to evaluate his life, Jamy decides that sometimes the best future is one with a new name and no past.


 What Midwest Book Review said of Book 1:

“Choices Made: The Street Years is the debut novel of Christine McMahon and clearly establishes her as a gifted storyteller able to take her reader into a gritty world of drug addiction, poverty, and life on the street.”


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