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Choices Made: Missouri or Misery

     After freeing himself from three tumultuous years on the street, Jamy lived on the edge of a no man's land as he waited to testify against his former employers, the drug lords. With danger at his heels, and his stepfather, Paul, and friend, Nick, plotting to take his son from him, his future looks grim, until his Uncle Ian appears as his savior.

     Taking JamyNick, and relying on Ian, Jamy escaped to the wooded lands of MacGregor to heal mind and body. However, youth and dreams propelled him back into life.

     A scholarship to a university in Paris for art edges him closer to his dream. Painting in the parks and on the streets of Paris, conversing in cafes, and hours spent in the Louvre fill his life with what his future could be. Notoriety propels him into the spotlight, which Ian says is the best place for a man to hide in the open. Enjoying his new fame and building his fortune, he struts through life with his friend Henri making a name for himself, but the world of the MacGregors always haunt his dreams. The dreams dragging him back to Missouri - or as he says it, Misery.



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