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Juxton holds family, but can he live the lesson
of forgiveness The Heart of MacGregor taught him?

   (Oil/Canvas) by:
    Christine McMahon



    Choices Made: Always is the fourth and final  book in the Choices Made Series chronicling the life of Jamy MacGregor, aka: Lord Chance, CeCe Chaumbers.

      Torn between his life in Paris that has brought him great notoriety and success in everything, but his personal life, Jamy dreads returning to Missouri, a place that has brought him untold sorrows, and the one place his son, JamyNick wants to go.

Missouri has Linde, ex-girlfriend, mother of his son, and one of those hurts that plague his memories. Telling JamyNick his mother was abusive to him doesn’t stop his pleas to meet her. Jamy dreads the return, but knows that until JamyNick can face his mother on his own terms, there will be no peace. He has changed during the ensuing years, has Linde? In a small corner of his heart, he still loves her.

Could their return be the beginning of the family he has always dreamt of, or will he be alone – Always?


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